Flexera delivers SaaS-based IT management solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate digital transformation and multiply the value of their technology investments. We help organizations inform their IT with unparalleled visibility into complex hybrid ecosystems. And we help them transform their IT with tools that deliver the actionable intelligence to effectively manage, govern and optimize their hybrid IT estate.

More than 50,000 customers subscribe to our technology value optimization solutions, delivered by 1,300+ passionate team members worldwide.

Flexera One 是一種基于 SaaS 的 IT 管理解決方案,專為像您這樣具有高度復雜混合環境的組織而設計。借助 Flexera One,您可以可視化整個資產,并做出從本地到 SaaS 再到云的數據驅動型 IT 決策。
從臺式機到數據中心再到云,Flexera FlexNet Manager軟件和IT資產管理解決方案無論在何處都可以管理和優化企業軟件。我們將為您的組織提供成功的成長道路和路線圖。管理和減少Adobe,IBM,Microsoft,Oracle